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Payments Innovation

Dec 4, 2018

Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning As buzzwords go, they’re the hottest things in almost any tech space. “AI” conjures spectacular images of Sci-fi films and robotic engineering. But when it comes down to the reality of your international commerce, you need to know how AI affects your business.

We went straight to the top of the AI and machine learning industry by roping in Emerj CEO and Founder Dan Fagella for our latest episode of the

Payments Innovation Podcast. This guy’s career is nothing short of mind-blowing: He’s a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champion, started and sold his first company just to “pay for Ivy League grad school,” and since then has been a serial entrepreneur.

Currently, Dan is running his highly successful AI and Machine Learning research company, Emerj, which has become the international go-to for businesses and executives needing to understand the implications of AI upon their companies.

He delivered an action-packed 15 minutes of what AI means for fintech and international commerce.